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Tuesday, March 18


I have author days at my yahoo group. This Friday, March 21st, come meet author Linda Sole. Ask her questions about her books, chat with the nearly 200 members in my group, and have fun!

Romance, saga, crime

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Love at a flea market? Are you kidding? Despite Cassie's bad luck with men, love and romance is exactly what she finds.

Rating: Sweet

Book Length: Short, short story

Price: FREE

Genre: Contemporary

Download it here:


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Wednesday, March 12

Win a signed copy of Conspiracy of Angels! Send My Little Girl a Postcard!!

I’m sure you’ve seen my promos for Conspiracy of Angels somewhere on the Yahoo Groups, my website or MySpace. This is a contemporary novel that’s both mystical, romantic, and has a slight inspirational flair. (Think miracles of life, not churchy.) However, Conspiracy of Angels is a bit controversial too.

Just how controversial is it? Watch the following one-minute trailer HERE

Blurb and more info is HERE Also, you can find Conspiracy of Angels at amazon.com by just typing in my name.

So, how can you win a copy?

My youngest daughter loves to collect postcards and greeting cards. She has a scrapbook where she places the ones that captures her attention the most and loves to see what states and countries they come from. So I thought of an interesting contest.

1. Send me a postcard or greeting card to:

Zinnia Hope

PO Box 36

Beallsville, Ohio 43716

United States

2. On the postcard or in the greeting card, you must tell me one fact that you know about either my published titles or excerpts that you’ve read or something about my myspace. For example, your favorite line from my fiction or a character I’ve written that you really liked. Or maybe name a specific graphic that you like on my MYSPACE page Include your email address in the event that you are the winner.

3. First prize for the most unique or unusual postcard or greeting card will win a signed print copy of Conspiracy of Angels. Second prize will be an electronic copy of the same title. Third prize, will be an electronic copy of Thorn of Ebon, the first in my Daughters of Trinity series when it debuts this spring. (Find Honeysuckle and Wild Roses, the prequel HERE)

4. NOTE: my daughter will help me judge card entries. Please do not send anything on a card that you wouldn’t want your own children to see. HINT: we both love anything magical-like, animals, and unusual sceneries/places. J

Contest runs from March 12th until April 15th. Winner will be announced on all my sites and the April edition of my author newsletter. If you have any questions, email me: zinnia_hope @ sbcglobal.net


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Tuesday, March 11

Check out my myspace for my J. Emberglass titles. www.myspace.com/emberglass

Also, my March newsletter will be out around mid-month. You can sign up HERE

I'm buried in work right now, so I'll post again soon. You can visit me at www.myspace.com/zinniahope were I haunt the most!


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