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Sunday, June 22

Well, gang, I just saw my new header for my new, combined newsletter. I have to say that I'm speechless. It is one of the most mystical, magical, beautiful things I've ever seen. M.E. "Emmy" Ellis' cover-artist hubby has spoiled me so badly, LOL!

I have loads of great news and cool stuff to put in the "new" newsletter. I'm even including a recipe for zuke pickles that's a no fail and takes care of the gazillions of zukes you get from just one or two plants.

I'm running behind schedule, too, but hoping to possibly get the newsletter out tonight or tomorrow.

Also, the new cover for Avoid Writers' Hell 4 will go up on the AWH site (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Avoid_Writers_Hell) as soon as I can muster the time to put it up and change things to match it.

Anyway, to keep track of my work as Faith, Zinnia Hope, and the occasional J. Emberglass title, I hope you'll follow the link and sign up!



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Thursday, June 19

Avoid Writers' Hell: Volume IV

For anyone who purchases Tennessee Waltz in the Park and/or Honeysuckle and Wild Roses, you will go into a drawing for the Avoid Writers' Hell book of your choice, including... mwahahaha. ...volume four: The Query-Go-Round!

All you have to do is send me an email with CONTEST in the subject with your name, which title or both that you purchased and your email address, and I'll enter you into the drawing. If you buy both "Tennessee" and "Honeysuckle" that's two entries! ***Purchases will be verified through Marci G. Baun at WC/FB. Deadline to enter is July 2, 2008. (See bottom for non-purchase entries.)

Already got AWH books 1 through 3? No problem! Should your name be drawn, I will send you a copy of AWH 4 when it is released late summer, early fall.

So what are Tennessee Waltz in the Park and Honeysuckle and Wild Roses about? Check out the following links for blurbs and excerpts!

Tennessee Waltz in the Park: GO HERE

Since Thorn of Ebon is the first book in the Daughters of Trinity Series and Honeysuckle and Wild Roses is the prequel to the series, I thought it would be nice to re-introduce it to my newest readers.

Honeysuckle and Wild Roses : GO HERE

My newsletter will go out in a few days, so be sure to sign up and catch the freebies, how-to tips, excerpts, new release info, and much more.

For non-purchase entries, send a postcard or index card with your name, age (due to the sexual content in Honeysuckle and Wild Roses), and your email address to the following address:

c/o Faith Bicknell-Brown
PO Box 36
Beallsville, Ohio 43716

And check out my new title at Red Rose Publishing called Mr. Delicious! Combine a sexy man, a very unique woman, and a naughty-as-hell pet dragon and you have a hilarious and sensual romp through a sci-fi world! Here's the link with the blurb and info, plus $1.99 for a 10K-word ebook is a steal!

A nice excerpt is available on the page too!


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