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Monday, August 24

I hope you'll check out the blog post below this one for some nice news about some of my titles.

Also, I've retired the Zinnia Hope pen name. Once my current contracts run out, I will no longer be writing as Zinnia Hope--or J. Emberglass for that matter. I will be shutting this blog down for good in the weeks ahead. My agent represents most of my work, so watch for notices about Vivian Mars for my spicy material. So, if you'd like to keep up to date with my releases, you can find regular blogs at the following places or sign up for my author newsletter.


www.myspace.com/zinniahope (got to figure out how to change that user ID, lol)

And I'm also on facebook as faithbicknellbrown

Follow me on twitter as faith_zinnia

Find me at my shared author group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SixDreamWeavers

I teach at Avoid Writers Hell http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Avoid_Writers_Hell

And lastly, here is my author newsletter http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bickbrownZHnewsletter


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It doesn’t take much to amuse me. And it certainly doesn’t take a lot to cheer me up anymore, lol.

Got a few li’l cheer-me-ups over the weekend.

Take a look at the #1 book on this publisher’s page of All Romance eBooks: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/category0.html?sortBy=bestSelling&searchBy=publisher&qString=Freya’s%20Bower (if the link doesn’t work copy and paste it into your browser search engine)

It’s a free read now but I don’t care, lol. It means readers are downloading it, so since it’s the prequel to the Daughters of Trinity Series, we’ll see what happens.

I also got one hell of a review for my last release. Click on Dark Diva’s Review graphic. It’ll take you straight to the review. http://faithbicknellbrown.com/books/atasteofecstasy A 5 rating AND a Recommended Read!

I discovered that Bedevilled is #2 today at fictionwise’s Freya’s Bower page too.

Oh, and Conspiracy of Angels got this: http://theromancestudio.com/reviews/reviews/conspiracyangelshope.htm

After the last 8 months of one crummy thing after another hitting me or my family, these li’l tidbits helped raise my spirits, so I just wanted to share.

I’ll blog again soon!


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Thursday, March 12

I’m so sorry I haven’t been by to blog for so long! I’ve been working my ass off at my new job, then when I’m not there, I’m playing catch-up during the day or my days off on my editing projects, my writing, family stuff, errands, etc., plus my one dau is in hs softball now. It’s been nuts here on the Brown homefront!
I do, however, have some good news. One of my new titles debuted today. If you like humor with heat, and unusual life circumstances with spice, please take a moment to check out the following.

Erotic Romance: ContemporaryISBN: 978-1-60435-303-7Cover Artist: EmilyEditor: Marguerite L. LemonsWord Count: 22,320Release Date: March 12, 2009

Humor with heat, are you up to it?
From a romance with Jack Frost to a star-lit rooftop to sex with an Elvis impersonator, A Touch of Ecstasy sizzles with hot sex, romance, happy endings, and even some unexpected humor.

LINK: http://redrosepublishing.com/bookstore/product_info.php?products_id=420

How about a brief excerpt? And yes, I’ve written for UK editors, so here’s a bit of British flavor from the collection. I hope you enjoy it.

Can owning a bed-and-breakfast become a double entendre? Oh, yes, in more ways than one…

Cuppa Romp

Managing a B&B alone in Brighton had been hard. My husband died two years ago, and I had been so lonely that everything about life looked grey.
My life changed the morning Simon signed his name on the registry, took his key, and offered me an erotic smile that nearly ignited my knickers. I stood looking at him like a dumb cow, my mouth hanging open. I watched him ascend the staircase, admiring his firm bum. I have always loved a man with big rough hands and broad shoulders, and his arse looked great in his suede trousers!
“Mum, your gob is hanging open,” Lillian said.
Heat singed my cheeks. “No one could ever replace your father.”
“Who said anything about replacing Dad? You need a good shag.”
“He’s at least ten years younger than I am!”
“Who cares as long as he can make you come?” Lillian retorted.
“No young stud is going to want sex with a forty-year-old widow with a bum that you could park a lorry under.”
“Mum, you’re an attractive woman,” Lillian said. “You have big boobs and a bum that matches. You look positively voluptuous.”
I had been forlorn and celibate since Toby became sick, but I wasn’t about to fuck the first man who caught my eye!
Lillian retrieved her wallet and coat. “I’m off to do a bit of shopping,” she announced as she stepped out the front door.
I watched her go, a small pang of jealousy skewering my gut. I once looked like Lillian when I was her age. Her long chestnut hair, green eyes, and hourglass figure kept the men flocking around her. A knot of guilt settled in my belly. It was wrong to feel envious of my own daughter. Glancing down at the large bosoms straining against my dress front, I smoothed my hands over my too-wide womanly hips. A young man wouldn’t want a widow with too many miles on her body.
The following morning, I stood in the kitchen cleaning up the breakfast debris. The door opened softly behind me.
“G’morning, bird,” a male voice said. “Is there something left for breakfast? P’raps a few bangers?”
Turning, my heart stuttered. Simon looked wonderfully handsome in dark trousers and a jumper that matched the deep green of his eyes. He favored me with a wide, endearing smile that made my legs wobble as if someone had replaced my knees with lemon curd. Even so, a bit of anger flashed through me. Not so much at Simon as myself. I wasn’t a young girl any more. Guests were not permitted in the kitchen; a sign was even posted on the door. Most of all, I was angry at how I had let a young man, a good ten years my junior, rattle me sexually. I could almost see chemistry sparks flying off my body. Did Simon sense the effect he had upon me?
“I’m sorry, luv. Did I frighten you?”
Yes, he did frighten me. Not in the sense that I felt danger, but in how he made butterflies explode within me and how I couldn’t breathe when our gazes met. Again, my brain stopped functioning, and words refused to come out of my mouth.
Simon leaned close, looking over my shoulder. He smelled like fresh linen and musk, making my senses spin.
“I could use a cuppa,” he said close to my ear.
Those five words, spoken so softly fluttered upon my nape like a gentle wren. A fiery sensation swept through my body, and when I looked up at him, his mouth met mine. A small surprised exhalation escaped me, and standing rigidly as he explored my mouth, I wondered if my heart would explode, every nerve ending in my body going hugger-mugger.
Raising his head, he whispered, “There now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”
I honestly don’t know what came over me. The next thing I knew, I grabbed him, pulling him toward me.
LINK: http://redrosepublishing.com/bookstore/product_info.php?products_id=420


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Tuesday, December 9

Good night, Doreen! I woke up this morning, sat down at the pc, and have been going nuts ever since. Oh. Wait. That's normal. Never mind.
Okay, got lots of news on the writing/publishing front. Bear with me as I go through the info.

Anyway, One Touch, One Glance is released today. I edited this anthology, but I also have a story in it called Under the Christmas Stars, and a brief excerpt of my story follows. This is a collection of traditional romance stories and each one is totally different from the others.

This makes an excellent Christmas gift for those who love e-books, and why not send it to someone who's never read an e-book??? I think they'd be pleasantly surprised.

BLURB: Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned romance? Remember reading about a man’s clothed physique, or how a fellow admired a woman in a pretty red dress? How about stories where couples fall in love with just one glance or that first gentle touch? Then open this anthology and enjoy 18 beautiful stories of love lost, love found, intrigue, heartache healed, the miracles of life, passionate admissions, and tearjerkers that make one sigh with longing. From best friends who find romance to time travel to a bit of Christmas magic, step into the realm of hearts on fire and love everlasting.

Authors: Gwen Hayes, M.E. Ellis, Maryann Miller, Adelle Laudan, K. Starling, Trinity Blacio, Debbie Gould, Ava James, Faith Bicknell-Brown, Savannah Chase, Lisa Alexander Griffin, Kensana Darnell, Brieanna Robertson, Nicolette Zamora, Kathleen MacIver, Missy Lyons, and Jambrea Jo Jones

One Touch, One Glance: A Sweet Romance Anthology - Click Image to Close

Excerpt from Under the Christmas Stars:

Do two wrong guys and a pair of pink mittens spell doom for Lana’s love life, or will a kiss under the Christmas stars prove that love was right under her nose?

Midway through the party, Lana received her bonus and was extremely pleased with the amount. Alone, she stood in a corner, sipping spiked punch and nibbling a sugar-sprinkled cookie. What was keeping Derek? It was time to leave for the skating pond; several co-workers had already left the party. A few stragglers by the door debated about the stock market during Christmas, and, clustered round the Christmas tree, the wallflowers discussed something about plans for New Year’s. Worried and sensing the worst, Lana grabbed her things and hurried out to the smoker’s area to see if Derek had left the building.

Cars pulled out of the icy parking lot. Down the street, the traffic light blinked from red to green and back again. Lana picked her way across the pavement toward Derek’s Mustang. A filigree of frost had spread across the windshield and the passenger’s side. She checked the driver’s door and found it unlocked. Maybe she’d get lucky and find the keys in it too. That way, she could listen to music with the heater on while she waited for Derek and Melody to come out. Surely they would realize she wasn’t in the office and come looking for her.

Sliding behind the steering wheel, Lana shut the door. Damn. No keys. Come to think of it, she recalled Derek slipping them into his coat pocket. Headlights swept the Mustang’s interior. A disturbing thought flittered through her brain, and Lana twisted to look out the rearview window. Many of the employees had carpooled to the farm and would pick up their vehicles later. She hoped that Derek and Melody hadn’t carpooled to the farm without her.

She started to get out of the car, but something in the backseat caught her attention.

Her mouth dropped open. Pain stabbed her gut.

A pair of fuzzy, pink mittens.

Oh, no. Not again.

“I can’t seem to find my pink mittens anywhere. I just wore them yesterday.”

Furious, she stepped out of the car and slammed the door-hard. How could she be so stupid again?

Determined to find Derek and confront him, Lana stormed across the parking lot. As she passed the side entrance to the building, a giggle erupted from the breezeway where the janitors had curtained it off to keep the wind from drifting snow there. She paused and backtracked. Dread pooled in her heart. She peeped around the edge of the tarpaulin, sensing the worst.


And one of the anth authors is running a nice li'l contest that you can check out here: http://www.kathleen maciver.com/ contest.shtml

For all the new friends and readers here, you can sign up for my newsletter here: http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vZ3JvdXBzLnlhaG9vLmNvbS9ncm91cC9iaWNrYnJvd25aSG5ld3NsZXR0ZXI= There you can find out what's going on with my agented work, be privy to contests for just subscribers and thensome. Also, check out my website below. Freebies on the Cool Stuff page, excerpts of my other works...!


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Thursday, December 4

What has Lizzy in a tizzy?

Check it out.


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Friday, November 21

Oh, so you think you have a difficult muse? Hehehehe...go meet mine over at Four Strong Women. She wields a bullwhip.

Four Strong Women


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Tuesday, October 28

Hey gang.

If you enjoy my story Moonlight Invitation (less than 600 words), would you place your vote for it? Mine's entry #3.

Both the link to the entries and the voting is here: http://playgroundmystique.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/462/



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Tuesday, October 21

For those of you who have been waiting to get your copies of Luneyville, USA: Sheeba's Revelation and AWH 4, today is the official release day of both.

Sheeba: http://www.wildchildpublishing.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=81&products_id=250&zenid=b4438e3b0a89f6bad0f89cf9cb743ca7

AWH 4: http://www.wildchildpublishing.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=97&products_id=251

Also, I have a new contract. If you like scorching hot erotica and erotic romance, my collection of shorts A TASTE OF ECSTASY is now with Red Rose Publishing. Tonight, I hope to post a couple of brief, but very hot excerpts of it too @ The Romance Bistro.

Come meet with me at 8 PM eastern time at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Romance_Bistro! The chat is only for an hour. Lastly, stop by my new website and click on BLOG. The latest writing tips entry also has a contest. Winner of this contest will be announced at tonight's chat. While there, click on over to the Cool Stuff page and grab your free PDF downloads.



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