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Sunday, April 16

UPDATE: I've sold three copies since Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!


You can buy FREE SPIRITS, my erotic fantasy novella
HERE. I'm so happy! It's finally real! I'm an author! Woot!

Here's the blurb, and there's an excerpt available too if you follow the link.

At the age of eighteen, Beth wants nothing more than to lie in Randy’s arms at night. However, when a black panther shows up at her back door, little does Beth know that he’s warning her of something dire. Time passes, and when Beth’s marriage with Randy falls apart, she returns to the Appalachian foothills with her son. Again, her ebony friend appears, but this time the panther reveals the secret to his presence. Over the years, memories of a warrior lover and a village long forgotten torment Beth’s mind...and her heart. She feels the warrior’s kisses, his caresses, the sensation of his muscled body pressed closely to hers. Could this lover be more than a vision? Or is he only a dream...

Now I'm going to worry that it won't sell. I know, I know. Confidence Zinnia! Promote, tell people about it, confidence, LOL!


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