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Thursday, June 29

You read about my gardens and flowerbeds a lot so I thought I'd share a picture I took today. Isn't my pot full of lavender petunias lovely?

I am so FRUSTRATED. No, not sexually. (Got more of that from the hubby than I can handle. Hoowha!) No, I'm talking of the new palm computer I finally purchased. It's a Tungsten E2 and the owner's manual is only on the pc (I could print out a 160 pages, oh sure...) and it's very vague on how-tos. I can't get my eBooks to transfer from my pc to the handheld. AAACCCCKKKK!

I feel like kicking another chicken!

And yes, I still intend to share that story. I'm on a couple writing deadlines and I've been working my country girl backside off in a huge flower garden I've created, so I'm exhausted.

I hope there aren't any hammers nearby. I have the overwhelming urge to smash $200 that fits in the palm of my hand!


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Wednesday, June 28

Afternoon dear readers and friends!

I wrote all the entrants' names down on slips of paper who correctly answered my question from my Honeysuckle and Wild Roses excerpt. The folded slips of paper went into a bowl and my oldest son randomly drew two names. Who did Honey's mother want Honey to marry?

Answer: Kaedric

And now the two winners are...

Kimberly Holt-Whitlock


Cathie Caffey


I will send you each a copy of Free Spirits.

Thanks for playing everyone!



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Saturday, June 24

I've been putting the finishing touches on Honeysuckle and Wild Roses today. Is is just me or do all writers get sick of working on the same thing? I'll be so happy to see this novel online!

Let's play a couple games! (For those of you who receive my newsletter scroll on down to the last two paragraphs.)

The other day, I sent out an exerpt of my soon-to-be released novel Honeysuckle and Wild Roses. If you can't find that newsletter, you can find the excerpt HERE.

Based on that excerpt, if you can tell me the name of the man that Honey's mother wants her to marry and email it to me at zinnia.hope@sbcglobal.net (remember the dot between my names!), with the words "Honey's Hubby-to-be" in the subject line, I'll randomly pick two people with the correct answers to receive one free copy each of FREE SPIRITS. Contest ends noon June 28th. I will announce the winners in my newsletter.

Also, if you blog about either Free Spirits or Honeysuckle and Wild Roses, email me a direct link to the blog with the words "I Plugged You!" (LOL!) in the subject line and I'll put you in a drawing for two brand new paperback Harlequin Super Romances that I have to give away. The plug game (lolol...sorry, mind's in the gutter...hoowha!) will run until June 30th.

I have a comical story to share when I have a bit more time to type it all out. It involves an injured pinky toe, a stupid chicken (trust me, you'll have to read it to understand!), the theme music to the movie Saturday Night Fever, and one thoroughly pissed off Zinnia.

Curious? Well, my pinky toe filed a police report and the chicken's on the run.


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Friday, June 23

I'm at my mother's. Had to have a break from the gardens and the chaos of six fighting boys.

Not to mention the chickens were about to commit mutiny. I heard 'em talking about me behind the coup last night. Figured I better get out of town 'til things simmered down a bit.

The one chicken up in the maple tree is still pissed off at me. See, he had his pecker stuck. No! Not that pecker! Get you brain out of the gutter. His little beak was stuck.

That's what he gets for crossing my path when I'm in a bad mood.

One! Two! Three! PUNT!


And one stuck pecker later...

{big cheesy grin}


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Wednesday, June 21

(If you are a member of my newsletter, I'm posting this there too.)

I wanted to apologize for all the promotional posts lately. I posted a question on the Freya's Bower Author's Chat about how to get responses and interest in promotional eBook contests, etc. One of my suspicions has been confirmed, and I'm afraid I may have been off-putting with my contest and new release announcments.

I do apologize for this.

Normally, I'm typing zany material, quipping about life, and so on, but with our produce farm chaos during the growing season, raising six boys, my writing and such, my time is so limited it's pathetic. Today, it's been raining, so I'm blogging, but not without yelling at six boys who want to tear up the house.

I told my author chat group I was going to kick some chickens to vent my frustrations, lol. I've had serious thoughts of giving up writing--but I always do when I get frustrated and feel as though my efforts are pointless--and now I feel as though I'm alienating readers.

Maybe it's the rain that's got me down, but Lord knows we've needed it for the past couple of weeks.

Plus the chickens squawk and run like hell when they see me now!

I did kick a field goal with one. My boys cheered, and one insisted I join his football team.

You do know I'm kidding, right?



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Hello everyone! Remember, my contest is still open. It closes noon, June 30th. If you need more details, here's a direct link to THE CONTEST.
In a few days, Freya's Bower will release my new novel HONEYSUCKLE AND WILD ROSES. Below is an excerpt of the opening scene from Chapter One. I hope you enjoy it and that you will look forward to purchasing this novel.
Honeysuckle and Wild Roses
©2006 Zinnia Hope

Opening scene excerpt

Chapter One

His emerald green eyes mesmerized her, and the hunger within them both excited and frightened Honey. She knew she shouldn’t feel this way about a stranger, a man who couldn’t possibly exist.

He lowered his sinewy body onto hers. His scent, a curious blend of spices and sun-baked leaves, intoxicated Honey like the heady moonbeam wine her sister, Bella, made. His hands kneaded her breasts as his lips traveled from her neck to the valley between them. She gasped as he seized the sensitive peak of one, parting her legs with one of his knees…

Jerking awake, Honey glanced around. Between her legs, her undergarment felt hot and wet, and her pulse pounded in her ears. She could still feel her lover’s caresses, still smell the spicy aroma of his body. Blinking sleepily, she recalled lying down in the grass next to her mother’s goldfish pond, thinking of her upcoming birthday, the late afternoon sun warming her bones.

A shadow fell over her. Honey turned to find a pair of scuffed leather boots covered in green embers. More fell on the grass and the toes of the boots, winking out like dying fireflies. She swatted the boots, patting out the… Honey paused, frowning. Where had the fiery green sparks gone?

She rubbed her eyes and looked up, sighing nervously upon seeing her brother. “Oh, Shandy! You frightened me! I was…uh…dreaming.” Her face grew warm as the details of her vivid dream rushed in upon her. “I had no idea you had returned.”

He favored her with a roguish grin that made the townswomen helpless against his charms, and his sisters vie for his attention. “You were dreaming that you were mashing my toes?”

Honey giggled, feeling ridiculous. “I thought I saw green…” She shrugged. “Forgive me. It was silly and childish.”

“Mother sent me to look for you,” Shandy said, an amused note in his voice. “Our evening meal is ready.”

Honey couldn’t quite meet his eyes. She felt heat rising into her cheeks again.

“Is something wrong?”

She shook her head.

Shandy reached down and stroked the top of her head. “I heard you murmuring in your sleep, Li’l One. Was your dream a bad one?”

Next to her, several large goldfish disturbed the water’s surface. Honey twiddled her fingers in the water, contemplating her dream—or dreams. For the past year, a lover came to her while she slept. The same mysterious man kissed and touched her until she awoke gasping, and quivering. Sadly, she could never recall much about him except his riveting emerald eyes, his wondrous touch, and the exquisite sensation of his body upon hers.

When she’d awaken, the scent of spices and sunbaked leaves clung to her clothes and hair. Even the taste of him would cavort upon her tongue.

Looking up at her brother, Honey replied, “It wasn’t a bad dream, but it was certainly—unnerving.” What had Shandy actually heard? Shame washed over her so intensely that her heart thudded loudly in her ears.

Her brother offered his hand. “Come, Li’l One. Mother will be wroth with us if we let our food grow cold.”

She allowed him to help her to her feet, and reluctantly, she met his gaze. A knowing smile danced within Shandy’s eyes.

“When did you get back?” she asked in hopes that the change in discussion would distract her brother from the intense fire gracing her cheeks. “The family assumed you’d be gone for a few more days.”

“I returned about an hour ago,” Shandy replied and tucked her arm into his.

“Did you have any trouble in the Great Wood?”

He chuckled. “The Fae folk do not bother me, Li’l One. I’m Shandy the Brave! Shandy the Conqueror!”

Swatting his arm, Honey laughed softly. “I missed you, brother. It is boring here when you’re gone for several days.”

“I brought you material for a new dress,” he said, offering her a wide smile, his eyes dancing with mischief.

“What color?”

“A bright green like the fields outside the village.”

“Oh, how wonderful!” she squealed. “I hope it wasn’t too expensive.”

“For you, Li’l One, it was worth it.”

She smiled up at her brother as he led her through the garden. “But won’t giving me such a lovely gift make our sisters jealous?”
“I brought them each something so that no one would feel neglected or favored above another.” He patted her hand snuggled in the crook of his arm. “You are so selfless, Li’l One. Perhaps that’s why I do favor you so.”

The hoof beats of approaching horses drifted into the gardens. Following the sound, Honey spotted a dark red cap upon one of the riders. She squinted, trying to see better, but as the riders entered the farm’s gate, there was no doubt as to the identity of the visitors.

Halting, Honey groaned and stomped her foot. “Oh, how I hate it when Mother invites that bore!”

“Perhaps tonight we’ll get lucky and Kaedric will choke on a morsel of food.”

Surprise slithered over Honey. She looked up into her brother’s eyes and saw anger and…hate?

“Do you truly wish such an ill fate upon another?” she asked.

Growling in irritation, Shandy took a step forward with her. “I really do detest that man,” he said. “His father, Jorgus, isn’t quite as bad, but it’s obvious he desires you to wed Kaedric.”

“If Mother has her way, I’ll be Kaedric’s wife by the end of the year.”

“Possibly sooner if negotiations go well with Jorgus.” The anger in his voice carried on the evening breeze.

“Don’t say that!” Honey tried to keep the distraught tone out of her voice but failed miserably.

As they turned up the footpath leading to the house, Honey saw their sister, Callan, run out of the barn to greet their dinner guests.

“You will not marry that pompous ass,” Shandy said. A shiver raced through Honey at the menacing tone in her brother’s voice. “It is my right as the man of the house to choose whom you shall marry.”

“Our father may be dead, but you will still have to fight Mother, and you know how she is when her mind is made up. Kaedric and his father are the wealthiest of the villagers. Mother sees Kaedric as the perfect man for me—and an easy way to pay our debts.” Fighting a wave of despair, Honey added. “Their wealth aside, everyone believes both men are pleasing to the eyes and very charming.”

“So is a snake sunning itself upon a pretty rock.”


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Tuesday, June 13


Last Sunday, I announced my first eBook contest at an author chat I attended. Well, yesterday, on my way back home from an unexpected trip, I stopped in at a nice store and found a wonderful item to sweeten my contest pot.

Free Spirits by Zinnia Hope at Freya's Bower If you buy my eBook, FREE SPIRITS, and correctly answer the following two questions, you will go into a drawing for a free copy of HONEYSUCKLE AND WILD ROSES, an erotic fantasy novella, the first of the Goddess Freya Series from Freya’s Bower due for release around the end of June.

Honeysuckle by Zinnia Hope at Freya's Bower The UPDATE: I’m also throwing in a lovely Seven Day Spa “Getaway” Kit. No, not airline tickets, you bunch of nuts! A pamper yourself kit. And guys, we all know there’s many of you who like to use body scrubs and foams regardless of your hisses of “that’s girlie stuff” so this is for you too.

There are seven bottles, one for each day of the week. They are 4-ounce bottles. Four are bath and shower gels, and three are bath and shower creams. They smell DIVINE—in fact, they smell good enough to drink! Hic! Hmm...not bad! Not bad at all! ROFL!

Here are the aromas:

Monday is called Energizer, and its lemon and white tea.

Tuesday is called Stimulate, and its vanilla almond.

Wednesday is Refresh with the aroma of citrus ginger.

Thursday is Invigorate, and its scent is coconut milk and sage.

Friday is called Escape with the aroma of Mandarin Basil.

Saturday is Uplift and is sweet pear and almond.

And finally, Sunday is Exhale with the aroma of currant berries and fig.

This set also has a large, cushiony scrub sponge. This is a very NICE set. If it wasn’t for wanting to promote my eBooks, I’d keep it for myself! LOL!

You can see a detailed photo of the bathroom spa kit HERE.


Send me an email at zinnia.hope@sbcglobal.net with the word’s “Zinnia’s Having A Contest” in the subject line, and include your answers to the following questions.

Question #1 How long was Beth in Cincinnati before she returned home?

Question#2 What does Beth ask Nirriz to do for her at the end of the novel?

So, not only will the winner receive one of the very first copies of “Honeysuckle and Wild Roses”, but the wonderful bathroom spa kit. Contest ends noon June 30th. I will announce the winner later that day.

What do you have to loose? $4.25 for my ebook, Free Spirits, and the time to read it? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed, but you better have asbestos undies on when you read it!

Remember, it’s all about sex, baby!

Zinnia Hope

:OErotic novels that will steam up your reading glasses!:O


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Friday, June 2

So tell me--is the purple horrible?

I'm tinkering with background colors. I'm not one for frilly, froo-froo websites. I have someone working on my author website, but I'm trying to do a little with my blog and the blogger coding sucks backwoods water.

Anyway, I'd like different shade of purple to compliment my banner. This one just doesn't do it for me.

As for my chat at Freya's Bower Author Chat the other night, it went well. Over 200 posts! My fingers we're so tired from typing and mesages were zinging across my screen like bullets!

I gave away two free copies of FREE SPIRITS and a copy of HONEYSUCKLE AND WILD ROSES for when it's released.

Hey, I got a fabulous crit from CrabbyCows! Oh, yeah, you rock Zinnia! Uh-huh! Booty shake and boob jiggle! Yeah, baby!

I laugh my ass off at those editor gals (hey, I'm warped, what can I say?), but if you sub something to them to crit, just know that they're brutally, BRUTALLY honest. Especially CC #2. She sorta scares me. (Shudder!)


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