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Tuesday, June 13


Last Sunday, I announced my first eBook contest at an author chat I attended. Well, yesterday, on my way back home from an unexpected trip, I stopped in at a nice store and found a wonderful item to sweeten my contest pot.

Free Spirits by Zinnia Hope at Freya's Bower If you buy my eBook, FREE SPIRITS, and correctly answer the following two questions, you will go into a drawing for a free copy of HONEYSUCKLE AND WILD ROSES, an erotic fantasy novella, the first of the Goddess Freya Series from Freya’s Bower due for release around the end of June.

Honeysuckle by Zinnia Hope at Freya's Bower The UPDATE: I’m also throwing in a lovely Seven Day Spa “Getaway” Kit. No, not airline tickets, you bunch of nuts! A pamper yourself kit. And guys, we all know there’s many of you who like to use body scrubs and foams regardless of your hisses of “that’s girlie stuff” so this is for you too.

There are seven bottles, one for each day of the week. They are 4-ounce bottles. Four are bath and shower gels, and three are bath and shower creams. They smell DIVINE—in fact, they smell good enough to drink! Hic! Hmm...not bad! Not bad at all! ROFL!

Here are the aromas:

Monday is called Energizer, and its lemon and white tea.

Tuesday is called Stimulate, and its vanilla almond.

Wednesday is Refresh with the aroma of citrus ginger.

Thursday is Invigorate, and its scent is coconut milk and sage.

Friday is called Escape with the aroma of Mandarin Basil.

Saturday is Uplift and is sweet pear and almond.

And finally, Sunday is Exhale with the aroma of currant berries and fig.

This set also has a large, cushiony scrub sponge. This is a very NICE set. If it wasn’t for wanting to promote my eBooks, I’d keep it for myself! LOL!

You can see a detailed photo of the bathroom spa kit HERE.


Send me an email at zinnia.hope@sbcglobal.net with the word’s “Zinnia’s Having A Contest” in the subject line, and include your answers to the following questions.

Question #1 How long was Beth in Cincinnati before she returned home?

Question#2 What does Beth ask Nirriz to do for her at the end of the novel?

So, not only will the winner receive one of the very first copies of “Honeysuckle and Wild Roses”, but the wonderful bathroom spa kit. Contest ends noon June 30th. I will announce the winner later that day.

What do you have to loose? $4.25 for my ebook, Free Spirits, and the time to read it? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed, but you better have asbestos undies on when you read it!

Remember, it’s all about sex, baby!

Zinnia Hope

:OErotic novels that will steam up your reading glasses!:O


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