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Friday, April 28

See that little do-hickey (hmm, there’s an interesting word!) up there under my steamy banner? Type your email addy in there. You know you wanna!

Seriously, though. Wait. Me? Serious? Well...sometimes.

I find that I’ve been too serious on my blog and it stinks. {waves hand over nose.} I’ve never used a blog before, and after visiting so many other blogs, I’ve decided to be myself. After all, it is my blog! I’ll quip if I want to!

And they’re saucy quips! I like being saucy! {Hear the sizzling bubbles? See the electricity in my words? Notice how...Eh, bored with it now.}


I’ve got a wicked mouth on me, I admit that, and my unruly tongue shows up in my writing when I create stories and novels with contemporary settings. It’s hard to do that with high fantasy. Having a character say, ‘Stop being-eth a jerketh or I shall kicketh thee asseth!’ sorta loses its punch. Nope. It just doesn’t work.

But in my contemporary stuff, whether or not it has paranormal or magic in it, is full of my sense of humor and sassiness. And sexiness. And it has—Oh, let’s just ease you into my honesty. LOL!

So, I finally set up my newsletter. If you’ve purchased FREE SPIRITS and enjoyed it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy my newsletter too.

And pass along the link or your first newsletter to a friend who enjoys steamy, fun fiction.

Who says that sex has to be a taboo topic? Come on, sign up! I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and if you have a true sense of humor, you’ll enjoy a few laughs too.

After all, it’s sex, baby! No, wait. Sex makes babies...or is it sexy babes make good sex...?

You get the idea. {chuckle}


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