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Wednesday, May 31

The past few days have been nuts. I was supposed to attend a chat at Literary Nymphs.com (Many apologies to Faith and Marci of Freya's Bower! Thank you for understanding!) and totally forgot about it due to a graduation that I had totally forgotten about too. Why so forgetful? Oh, maybe because I'm running around this darn farm like a chicken with its head cut off, planting, hoeing (that with a garden tool, big difference! LOL...), weeding...

And I also raise and sell strawberries. For the past three days the berries have been ripening so fast I've had to pick them in the morning and in the evening. I just sold 30 pints between last night and this morning.

The strawberries are doing wonderfully this year and they're quite large. Last season it was too dry so my harvest didn't amount to much. Aren't they lovely?

I'm going to do a shameless promotion for myself. With all the work I have to keep up with here on the farm, raising six boys, and trying to still find time to do my writing, I'm unable to sit in on a lot of these promotional chats fellow writers are having of late. It is so hard to promote eBooks. Actually, I think having a lucrative eBook writing career is about as rare as diamond studded cow patties. I'm trying to get my work out there, but until I find the next literary agent, I'm doing the best I can.

HONEYSUCKLE AND WILD ROSES is nearly completed. I have about 2,000 words left to write. I would've finished it this morning too, but then the phone rang and I heard, "Mom, can you come pick me up at the church? I'm done getting my physical for football."

So, good ol' Z, put her laptop aside and started her day of dealing with sons and farmwork.

Anyhow, HONEYSUCKLE is due for release around the end of June. I'll post a blurb as soon as I have it.

Forbidden Publications.com has accepted my short called A ROAD OF MISGIVINGS. No clue when its due out, though.

Last but not least, see that beatiful, magical cover over there on the right hand side? Click on it and buy FREE SPIRITS. Why should you? Well, for one, it's all about sex, baby! And a unique plot, riveting characters, and...and...LOL! Plus you can ask Kit Wylde, ME Ellis, Duke of Earle, and Cali, what they think of my work. They've all read my novella.

Besides, I have a boy who needs a pair of football cleats and those damn things are expensive! Eep!


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