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Saturday, May 6


Hey everyone! I have a chat scheduled at Freya's Bower Author Chat on Saturday, May 27th! We'll have contests and prizes such as free copies of FREE SPIRITS to the winners. More details to come! However, you'll have to sign up with the Freya's Bower Author Chat. You can sign up HERE. And it's not a newsletter; it's a way to talk with the editors and authors of Freya's Bower. I've had a blast talking to my fellow authors and the fantastic FB editors.

Also, just for fun, I have a sex poll at my newsletter. Follow THIS LINK and choose your answer to my sex-related question. Click POLLS on the left and the voting page will pop up. It's all for fun and no identities are revealed. If I get enough answers, I'll post them on my blog.

And while I'm at it, please sign up for my newsletter. (see sign-up box above.) My work is beginning to take off, and I'd love to have more readers for the effort that I put into this newsletter.

Remember, it's all about sex, baby! Erotic novels that will steam up your reading glasses! Hoo-wah!


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