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Saturday, May 27

{Zinnia runs barefoot through Blogger's cyberspace.}

"My chat's today! My chat's today! My chat's today!"

{Looks around.}

"Hey! My chat's today at Freya's Bower Authors Chat!"

{Squints, looking for people. Waves hand in air. Jumps up and down.}

"Anyone out there??? My chat's at 5 PM Eastern time! It's all about sex, baby! And writing, and a few eBooks to those pulled out of the hat with the correct excerpt answers!"

{Zinnia sighs. Sniffles. Looks around again and grins. She drops her pants and moons cyberspace.}

"Be there for loads of laughing and fun!"

{Zinnia skips off into the darkness. Wonder if she realizes she's forgotten her pants?}


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