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Friday, June 2

So tell me--is the purple horrible?

I'm tinkering with background colors. I'm not one for frilly, froo-froo websites. I have someone working on my author website, but I'm trying to do a little with my blog and the blogger coding sucks backwoods water.

Anyway, I'd like different shade of purple to compliment my banner. This one just doesn't do it for me.

As for my chat at Freya's Bower Author Chat the other night, it went well. Over 200 posts! My fingers we're so tired from typing and mesages were zinging across my screen like bullets!

I gave away two free copies of FREE SPIRITS and a copy of HONEYSUCKLE AND WILD ROSES for when it's released.

Hey, I got a fabulous crit from CrabbyCows! Oh, yeah, you rock Zinnia! Uh-huh! Booty shake and boob jiggle! Yeah, baby!

I laugh my ass off at those editor gals (hey, I'm warped, what can I say?), but if you sub something to them to crit, just know that they're brutally, BRUTALLY honest. Especially CC #2. She sorta scares me. (Shudder!)


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