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Tuesday, January 16

Here's a sneak preview of the first edition of my official author newsletter. I hope you decide to sign up. Things are really heating up for me on the writing front and I'm scrambling to keep up with blogs, forums, and my online fanbase.

My newsletter is simple but nice and in a real newsletter format instead of plain text. (You'll need to enable html in your email if you opt to receive it in that manner, otherwise, you won't be able to see the graphics and colors.) You won't have to worry about graphics that make your eyes bleed (lol) or constant bombardment of promos, group messages, or anything else like that. My newsletter will be once a month. I had thought about bi-monthly or quarterly, but there's too much news of late to combine into one volume and I like to keep in touch with everyone on a regular basis.

Newsletter issues will not only have writing news and the latest releases, but my chicken saga will be included as well as freebies for subscribers, contests, how-to writing articles and much, much more!

Click here to join ZHnewsletter
Click to join ZHnewsletter

Mountain Greetings!

Thank you for signing up for my newsletter. I have to say that not knowing html has really made me appreciate those who do. I’ve banged my head on my keyboard so much I have the imprint of the keys on my forehead.

Since this is the beta version, bear with me as I tinker with the coding of subsequent newsletters until I find what I want to use. I haven’t yet decided if my newsletter with be bi-monthly or quarterly. It will, however, be full of the latest writing news, humor, articles, contests and free stuff for subscribers.

Many of you know me from my erotic romances that I write for www.freyasbower.com. There are a lot of changes for me in the coming year. Although Freya’s Bower is my main e-book/print publisher, I’m branching out to other publishers too for my non-erotic romances. I’ve also been asked to write material for a new publisher that’s launching in the near future. (Details to come.) So, for those of you who choose to follow me on my journey, I welcome you.


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