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Saturday, May 19

Good news about The Red Storm!

Many of you have asked when the print version of this novel will be available. On May 26th, you can buy the paperback from Lulu.com! Whoohoo!!! I'm so excited! In addition to this, the publishers of Lavender Isis.com , Melissa Wathington and Rachel Lindley, have encouraged me to submit The Red Storm to some bigger publishers such as IUniverse, Baen Books, and Ace Books. Yesterday, after a lovely phone conversation, these two incredible women have assured me of the rights returning to me should a publisher express interest in The Red Storm. I am stunned and very humbled at their belief in me as a person and a writer. Their thoughts about my fiction totally blew me away and made me truly realize that the readership out there does, indeed, desire books that are plot driven and character oriented. If you're a dedicated writer and need some writing resources, support, or want to submit something to their magazine, The Oasis, please visit http://www.lavenderisis.com/ and take a look around.

Since I've never queried publishers or agents with something that has been previously published electronically and in print format, I will be working with Rachel and Melissa on a query letter to send out. As some of you know, I have an agent considering one of my other novels, so I'll need to contact her with the update. I'm positively escatic to be able to test the publishing waters (no pun intended if you've read this novel, rofl!) with The Red Storm and will publish updates in my following newsletters.


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