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Tuesday, May 1

A special invitation to all avid readers and dedicated writers:

Since I have a few days of leisure time between writing projects, I’ve been brainstorming. (Yeah, I smell smoke too!) Promoting on the Internet is a pain in the tushy. I hate it and many authors whether published by big NYC houses or small e-publishers have told me they hate it too. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to extend an invitation to something special for all avid readers and dedicated writers.

I’ve been working in the professional fiction magazine market for quite some time. I’ve had that big NYC literary agent and I’ve dealt with overseas publications, faced the nasty, abusive editors, and had my work boomerang at me as well as the experience of cashing those big paychecks. From the time this special invitation reaches you until sometime Saturday evening, May 7, there will be a special loop chat going on at my Zinnia Hope Yahoo Group.

What do I mean by special?

I’m inviting you to discuss serious publishing issues. Whether you’re an aspiring author or a seasoned one, stop in this week, ask questions, and submit brief excerpts to me for critique—although NOT all submitted material will receive a critique. More will be discussed about this at my Yahoo Group.

Some things that may be discussed
• How to write a query letter
• The pros and cons of writing for the erotic markets
• Pet words and cluttered prose
• The ups and downs of using the Net to promote
• And much more!

Then, all day Saturday, authors are permitted to post two promos each with a 500-word excerpt (that’s the maximum so don’t cheat!) along with your cover and the blurb. This is Saturday ONLY.

As many of you know, The Red Storm debuted last Saturday at Lavender Isis Press. I want to promote, but I just can’t bring myself to pi** with Yahoo Groups and I don’t really feel that banner ads and the like do that much. By bringing in readers and authors to my group, I’d like to get some good discussion going about fiction and publishing, and in the process, show the quality of my material too.

Time: From now until the chatter stops on Saturday, May 7.

Upon joining the group (you can always unsubscribe later), a file will be sent to you about receiving a possible critique and the usual stuff about group etiquette.

So, stop by for good discussions, camaraderie, find out how goofy I am, lol, and from time to time, enjoy an excerpt from The Red Storm and my up-and-coming titles.

And if you know someone who might enjoy this, send them the information to join the fun.

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Rules for Critiques

1. All material submitted during this special chat will NOT receive a critique. I’m doing these at my leisure throughout the day or evening.
2. I will post your critique with your title in the FILES section of my group UNLESS you tell me in your email that you’d rather I send it to you direct.
3. I am very thorough and honest. If you can’t take criticism—I’m not mean, but will point out the good as well as the bad—don’t ask for a crit.
4. Don’t be upset with me if I don’t crit your material. See rule number 1.
5. Whether the material is from a short story, novella or novel, choose 800 words from a section that is giving you problems. Leeway is given for the sake of a scene, but please don’t abuse this and send me 1500 words when the gist of what is going on can really be finished in 900. I’m sure you get the idea. If you have a question email me at zinnia_hope@sbcglobal.net

Rules of Conduct

1. Respect others participating in the discussions. We may not agree, but don’t be nasty or rude. If you want your opinion respected, then please exercise the same respect for those you are communicating with.
2. NO PROMOS except on Saturday May 7. Promos are blurbs, excerpts, covers, chat announcements, etc.
3. Signatures to your blogs or websites ARE permitted.


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