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Saturday, September 15

Yesterday, as I cleaned up around my corner office, I picked up the box that had contained my shipment full of Conspiracy of Angels copies. Something slid around in the bottom of it. I set it down, pulled all the packing paper out, and ta-da! There lay another colorful print copy gleaming in the bottom of the box that I missed.

So, now I have an unexpected extra copy to autograph.

I don't need this extra copy. If you're interested in buying a copy of C of A, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone, this is the last-last (lol) autographed copy I will offer until I arrange my first booksigning gig.

You can find out all that you need to know HERE in regards to the book's plot, the price, etc. Email me here zinnia_hope @ sbcglobal.net with the words "LAST COPY" in the subject if you want the copy. First come, first serve.


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