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Sunday, December 30

For the past few days when I've had reading time, I've been enjoying a novel called Odd Mom Out by Jane Porter. I won this from a review site called Strictly Romance Reviews. Now, first of all, I was thrilled to win a book because I'm one of those souls who seldom, if ever, win anything. Secondly, I have my reservations about books written in first person present tense. That's where the author tells the story as it's unfolding as if you're there with him/her in their head. Instead of 'I walked across the room' it's 'I walk across the room.'

Only one author has ever impressed me with first person present tense and that's M.E. Ellis (you can find her books at http://www.wildchildpublishing.com/ and http://www.freyasbower.com/ I highly recommend Pervalism and both Quits novels!!!) because it comes naturally to her. However, as I began reading Odd Mom Out, the novel sucked me into it. Last night, I had some time to myself and I read the last half of the novel save for the 40 pages or so. This is a 408-page novel!

If you're a man, I recommend this book so that you can understand what women in general and especially single moms go through in contemporary life. If you're a mom and especially a single working mom, you will connect with so much in this book that you'll be speechless.

And let me tell you, folks, I am a hard sell when it comes to fiction. I've worked with editors of huge glossy magazines, dealt with some top literary agents, so I see fiction in all sorts of forms. A book that's all telling instead of showing will make me toss it aside. A book full of was/were usage and pet words like as will do the same. Not this novel. This book had me sobbing in one scene. Tears poured down my face. My husband's looking at me like I've lost my mind, and two of my kids walked into the room, performed U-turns, and promptly left, LOL.

Having had similar incidents in my life, this scene pushed me back in time, but living it through someone else's eyes. I had to put the book down, wipe my eyes, and go blow my nose!

Get this book and read it!

Onwards and upwards....

For the past week, I've been working on Thorn of Ebon. This is the first in the Daughters of Trinity Series. Honeysuckle and Wild Roses is the prequel to the series. Thorn of Ebon involves the Goddess Freya's trickery to eradicate the mortal race through intermarrying with the Fae or through war with Man, whichever comes first. The fraternal triplet daughters of Queen Honey and King Roahre are the ones who must solve the mystery of each novel and, in doing so, avoid Freya's vengeful wrath.

Thorn of Ebon involves a love triangle and one pissed off jet-black dragon. Oh, and let's not forget the sex, baby!

I also have two stories coming out in one volume with Wild Child Publishing.com called Tennessee Waltz In the Park. No word yet on a release date or what the cover will be like.

Also, if you missed my last post, scroll below and read about my latest contest.

Enjoy New Year's but make it a safe one! Also, check out the new contest below the champagne bottle!

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