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Friday, December 7

Wouldn't you know it. Just when I think I'll have one more thing off of my shoulders, I'm put on pause mode.

Since my agent was at a conference and returned midweek from it, I took the extra three days and read through my novel again, fixed a few typos, trimmed a few words. (Btw, the word count on this one is 89,565.) So, yesterday, I printed it out, packaged it in a manuscript box, addressed it, got up this morning intending on going to the PO, and...drumroll...discovered that school is canceled.

I looked out the window and what did my wandering eyes see? (Gotta love those literal sentences, eh? Whose eyes pop out of their heads to wander around? Take note writers! Avoid literal sentences...eh...I'll shut up now. I'm wandering off topic!)
Where was I? Oh, yeah. And what did my wandering eyes see?

Snow and sleet mixed with things icing over.

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

I'm in a piss poor mood anyway. The husband is laid off until after the first of the year. Now, here we are with a house full of kids and Christmas right around the corner. It irks me to no end when companies wait until the month of December to lay off employees. Oh sure, there's unemployment, but even when one signs up for it, the benefits take a while to start.

Trust me, I've been kicking a lot of chickens of late. An indignant squawk-squawk here and a cluck-cluck there does wonders for the soul. One, two, three--punt! And Z scores!

Nah, that doesn't even improve my mood. (Looks out the window, sees the hens ice skating on the roof of the van.) Well, if groceries get low, we have plenty of venison and chicken!

Btw, gang, I'll announce the winner of the Christmas angel on the 10th. There's still time if you want to check it out.

Later taters!


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