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Wednesday, December 19

Sign Up!

Hi everyone. My newsletter for December went live a couple of days ago. It has several updates and even some easy, economical recipes that will help during the Holiday Season.

Also, gift the gift of literature during the holidays. The Red Storm will not be available after the New Year due to the publisher going on indefinite hiatus. This is the novel that prompted my new agent to call and sign me as his client. I'm going to write book two while my agent peddles my werewolf novel and later The Red Storm, so why not have one of the original print copies?

And until December 25th, Conspiracy of Angels is $5 off the retail price but only at Freya's Bower.

If you go to my website http://www.zinniahope.com/ and click on "e-books" you can find the links to both the print and electronic versions of my work.

Happy Holidays!


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