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Sunday, September 17

Every now and then, I have something that flares up in my big toe on my left foot. I also have a pair of sneakers I've had to give up because it only aggravates it. My toe grew sore yesterday, swelled, and good ol' Z was hobbling around like a limp mule that had thrown a shoe.

Ever notice how if you have a bad bruise everyone MUST poke it and ask, "Is it sore?" Uh, no, I'm into torture and love being poked and prodded as if I were a frog in biology class!

Or you have a cast on your arm and someone asks, "Did you break your arm?" Nope. Just like to wear it and have people ask me stupid questions. Any more profound, mind-blowing questions you'd like to ask?

What really chaps my ass is when I try to keep my sore toe tucked out of the way while a heard of rampaging buffalo (uh, that's kids for you readers who are single and childless) stampedes throughout the house. I could stuff my foot up my ass and one of my boys would find some way to stomp on my sore toe!

And let me tell you, it throbbed so badly last night it woke me up out of a sound sleep at 3 A.M.

Today, it's sore, but the swelling is down. However, my boys are all hiding out in their rooms. After the third one stepped on my toe last night, I declared war, and they scattered to the farthest regions of the house and hung white flags on their doorknobs.

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