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Thursday, August 3

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Coming Soon: Bites - End of August

What's it about? Well, I haven't written a blurb for it yet, but I'll take a stab at it, so keep that in mind, please, lol.

The Sexual Science of Witchery: VisionPast is all the rage in Tom's and Garnet's world. On a night out, they find out how VisionPast melds science and magic, giving customers glimpses into their past or someone else's. Tom finds out he's connected to royalty when he sees a ghostly king in a tomb, but Tom's biggest surprise comes after the session is over.

The Science of Magic: Upon receiving an invitation from the sorceress who runs VisionPast, Garnet sneaks away from Tom to meet the woman. A free session reveals a palace orgy, giving Garnet insight into Tom's womanizing ways. However, what shocks Garnet even more is the sorceress's true intentions.


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