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Tuesday, July 11

Yanno, I think Freya's Bower is going to shock the ePublishing business. One day, I'm going to sit back and grin from ear to ear that I'm one of the authors who started out with Freya's Bower.

I joke about the chickens, lol, and I'm warped and zany. I'll talk about sex, joke about sex, and I write about it. I have relatives who think I'm horrible because I'm open about sex, and when someone asks me what I write, I say, "I write about sex, baby!" (My grandmother nearly fainted when she heard that. Oh well...) {shrugs} Frankly, I don't give a rat's ass what they think.

Where am I going with this?

I have a side of me, a side to my writing that is serious. Oh sure, I still use my goofy humor, but I write mainstream material that's edgy. I tackle stuff that folks don't like to talk about or admit that it goes on in the world, in their homes or in their small podunk towns.

I have a novel that I've approached various print publishers with and they loved it, loved my writing, my style, but were scared silly to publish it. I even had another ePublisher looking at this particular manuscript in hopes of getting my name out in the eBook world a little more. The publisher is almost as new as Freya's Bower, and the editor said, and I quote: "This is beautifully written! However, I can't accept this. It has sex in it! It deals with real life issues and people don't want to read this kind of material. It's too contraversial."

I scratched my head and muttered a few backwoods expletives (Used a few chickens as footballs.) and wondered what planet she lived on. Planet P and it ain't Pluto, honey!

So I approached Marci with it. She showed it to Faith. They accepted it because it IS edgy, contraversial, sexy, and full of things that make a person say holy shit!

Marci and Faith, thank you for taking a chance on this. You'll never know how much it means to me to have your support.

I'm so pleased. Actually, I am completely and totally stoked. This is a full length novel coming soon. An exact date isn't being released yet because I want to do one more revision and make sure it's perfect.

And when my book is released, I hope you'll be curious enough to read it.


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