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Saturday, June 24

I've been putting the finishing touches on Honeysuckle and Wild Roses today. Is is just me or do all writers get sick of working on the same thing? I'll be so happy to see this novel online!

Let's play a couple games! (For those of you who receive my newsletter scroll on down to the last two paragraphs.)

The other day, I sent out an exerpt of my soon-to-be released novel Honeysuckle and Wild Roses. If you can't find that newsletter, you can find the excerpt HERE.

Based on that excerpt, if you can tell me the name of the man that Honey's mother wants her to marry and email it to me at zinnia.hope@sbcglobal.net (remember the dot between my names!), with the words "Honey's Hubby-to-be" in the subject line, I'll randomly pick two people with the correct answers to receive one free copy each of FREE SPIRITS. Contest ends noon June 28th. I will announce the winners in my newsletter.

Also, if you blog about either Free Spirits or Honeysuckle and Wild Roses, email me a direct link to the blog with the words "I Plugged You!" (LOL!) in the subject line and I'll put you in a drawing for two brand new paperback Harlequin Super Romances that I have to give away. The plug game (lolol...sorry, mind's in the gutter...hoowha!) will run until June 30th.

I have a comical story to share when I have a bit more time to type it all out. It involves an injured pinky toe, a stupid chicken (trust me, you'll have to read it to understand!), the theme music to the movie Saturday Night Fever, and one thoroughly pissed off Zinnia.

Curious? Well, my pinky toe filed a police report and the chicken's on the run.


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