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Wednesday, June 21

(If you are a member of my newsletter, I'm posting this there too.)

I wanted to apologize for all the promotional posts lately. I posted a question on the Freya's Bower Author's Chat about how to get responses and interest in promotional eBook contests, etc. One of my suspicions has been confirmed, and I'm afraid I may have been off-putting with my contest and new release announcments.

I do apologize for this.

Normally, I'm typing zany material, quipping about life, and so on, but with our produce farm chaos during the growing season, raising six boys, my writing and such, my time is so limited it's pathetic. Today, it's been raining, so I'm blogging, but not without yelling at six boys who want to tear up the house.

I told my author chat group I was going to kick some chickens to vent my frustrations, lol. I've had serious thoughts of giving up writing--but I always do when I get frustrated and feel as though my efforts are pointless--and now I feel as though I'm alienating readers.

Maybe it's the rain that's got me down, but Lord knows we've needed it for the past couple of weeks.

Plus the chickens squawk and run like hell when they see me now!

I did kick a field goal with one. My boys cheered, and one insisted I join his football team.

You do know I'm kidding, right?



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