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Thursday, June 29

You read about my gardens and flowerbeds a lot so I thought I'd share a picture I took today. Isn't my pot full of lavender petunias lovely?

I am so FRUSTRATED. No, not sexually. (Got more of that from the hubby than I can handle. Hoowha!) No, I'm talking of the new palm computer I finally purchased. It's a Tungsten E2 and the owner's manual is only on the pc (I could print out a 160 pages, oh sure...) and it's very vague on how-tos. I can't get my eBooks to transfer from my pc to the handheld. AAACCCCKKKK!

I feel like kicking another chicken!

And yes, I still intend to share that story. I'm on a couple writing deadlines and I've been working my country girl backside off in a huge flower garden I've created, so I'm exhausted.

I hope there aren't any hammers nearby. I have the overwhelming urge to smash $200 that fits in the palm of my hand!


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