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Friday, July 21

It won't be long now before the official Zinnia Hope website will be released for public viewing. It's super cool, and created by Lazy Daizy Designs. I have a few more things to put together for the webdesigner and once they're online, it'll be ready to go!

I'm afraid your typically zany Z is frazzled this morning. The heat has sucked (hey, don't go there!) all the energy out of me. Rabbits devasted our bean garden, so we had to re-plant. The rabbits returned and started another smorgasbord so we had to put up a fence around a 50'x12' plot. What greenbean plants (We plant bush beans; I hate runners and strings!) the killer bunnies had left kept me busy the other morning. I picked a three-gallon kettle to the rim from only three six-foot rows!
They tasted good too! LOL! I especially like them with onions, bacon, and a dash of garlic powder.

You do realize I'm talking about the greenbeans and not the bunnies, right?

The revisions for Conspiracy of Angels' is coming along well, and M.E. Ellis, darn her Brit hide, talked me into writing a Bites for Freya's Bower based on a short story of mine that she read. So I sent the story to Faith and Marci to get their opinions and they liked it.

When I get the second story done for the Bites, I have no clue, but I have ideas tumbling around in my noggin.

I should kick your bum, M.E. LOLOL!

That said, lol. M.E. and Duke of Earle, watch for something special for you both within the "cover" of Conspiracy of Angels.

Remember, it's all about sex, baby!

And unique plots, unusual characters...


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