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Wednesday, August 23

Thank you M. E. Ellis for my new look! And another hearty thanks to her wonderfully talented husband who revamped my header too! I’m so thrilled with the changes!

I’ve been scarce the past few days because I had to finish up a last minute revision on my Bites for Freya’s Bower, and now I’m immersed in revisions for Conspiracy of Angels. In between revisions, I’ve begun a new project. It’s still in the outline stage, and I’m chomping at the bit to get started on the actual writing.

I belong to several Yahell groups that center on writing. One thing I’ve noticed is the unbelievable amount of promos that go through these groups and the next-to-nothing discussions. I swear, trying to get a discussion started in some of these groups is like asking people to attend church services with you. Everyone hides their heads and stampedes to the door screaming, “I’m too busy!”

I’m a mover and a shaker, but I do it in fits and sputters. It depends on how much energy I have, lol. I promo; sure, we all do. But, I have to wonder if it does any good. The net is a tough market to crack. It’s easy to send out promos, and a writer is limited to what he or she can do on the net regarding promotion. You can code up something or not (I try to make a nice-looking promo) and paste it in, hitting send. My question is how many people actually read them? It’s like getting snail junk mail. You see it, maybe spend a whole five seconds to glance at it, if at all, and promptly toss it into File 13.

Do I read promos? You can bet your ass I do. It's a sure fire way to save me the trouble of going to an e-Publisher to check something out. If the blurb and excerpts are poorly written and lack good editing, I don't bother to go to the e-Publisher site. Note: I am no way implying I'm the supreme author, but I know well written and well edited material when I see it. Some authors who read here might take offense at that, but I find using chickens to kick field goals is good therapy.

Honestly, my theory is that out of 1,000 readers, maybe 50 to 100 might actually take a moment to read a promo. Same thing applies to e-book contests.

What’s the point of a promotion post if no one bothers to read them? I do well considering how much competition there is in e-Publishing. There are so many e-Publishers that pop up on the net it’s mind boggling. Swing a cat and you’ll hit one, gar-un-teed!

Once I get Conspiracy of Angels revised and see it in print, my fun writing e-books is done for a while. Yes, it’s due out in trade paperback this autumn. Woot! Things are about to heat up in the writing area for me again. On the flip side, the growing season is winding down ‘cept for the melons, pun’kins (that’s hick talk, lol.) and gourds. I have a short story coming out in a hardback volume next year too. Plus, a few agents have requested partials of my more serious work, and enough time has passed now that I should hear from them soon. My longer WIP’s are calling, no, screaming for me to return to them, so that’s what I’m going to do for a few weeks.

Oh, btw, The Sexual Science of Witchery was officially released this past Sunday. You can read about it HERE.

I’m waiting on my oldest to get finished with football practice, then I’m off to do a bit more school shopping. I must be shy a few brain cells to keep putting myself through such misery, but it’s gotta be done.

Once again, M.E., thanks from the bottom of my heart for the kickass look, lady!



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