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Sunday, November 12

Since I'm mulling over ideas for the first sequel to Honeysuckle and Wild Roses, I thought I'd celebrate the next one with a contest. The prize is a 12 ounce bag of Coffee Rio Original Roast Candy. (These things are addicting!)

The rules are easy. Send me a copy of your purchase receipt for Honeysuckle and Wild Roses and tell me which of Honey's sisters you loved or hated the most and why. Send your receipt and answer to me at zinniaUNDERSCOREhopeATsbcglobalDOTnet. The most interesting answer will win the bag of chewy coffee yummies!

Contest ends December 12, 2006.

Sold into marriage on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Honey wishes the lover in her erotic dreams would rescue her. The goddess Freya intercedes, giving her two choices, but at a price. Honey must choose between two men: the Green Man and become his queen or marry Kaedric and watch as war breaks out between Mortals and Faeries.
Who will she choose? And what will happen to her children if Freya proves to be wrong?

The first in the Goddess Freya Series and the prequel to The Daughters of Trinity Series.

Rating: Spicy

Book Length: Novella

An excerpt is available if you go HERE.


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