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Tuesday, October 31

Will try to get a post up sometime today. In a nutshell this household has been in chaos:

Homemade trick or treat costumes
Kids coming and going in the evenings for sports practices
Last revisions on Conspiracy of Angels
Toddler sick with a cold
Chickens waging war again
Housecleaning for upcoming holidays (yuck)
New story screaming to come out of my brain...

Well, it doesn't look like I'm going to have time for a full post, but I do need to do a shout-out. Jackie Kessler won my challenge on my Z Yahoo Group. Jackie's a great gal. She's part of my crit group and a good friend.

Her book HELL'S BELLES will debut January 2007. I have an advanced reader's copy, although I got to crit this before it went on the query-go-round, tee-hee! It's a paranormal romance that's fun and fiesty.
Here's a couple links. Go say hi to Jackie.
HER WEBSITE and here's MAGICAL MINXES where she blogs with other authors. Jackie's Blogger is here.


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