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Monday, October 16

This is one of the projects I have been working with of late. My story A ROAD OF MISGIVINGS is included in this anthology. More details below from publisher and editor-in-chief, Marci. G. Baun of Freya's Bower.

On February 1, 2007, Freya's Bower will be releasing a charity anthology to benefit a battered woman's shelter. The anthology will be available as an ebook, paperback and hardback. All net proceeds (whatever it doesn't cost us to produce and sell) will be donated to a specified battered woman's shelter. A perfect gift for Valentine's Day. :)

So, be on the lookout for:

Title: Dreams and Desires

Authors: Various, but include Sasha White, Susan Lyons, Gemma Halliday, Lois Winston, Candace Havens, Richelle Mead, Jackie Kessler, Jenna Bayley-Burke, and many more.

Genre: Erotica and romance.

Length: In progress, but will exceed 58,000 words.

Formats: Ebook, paperback and hardback.

Some excellent erotica and romance for a good cause. Oh, yes, and whatbetter way to prepare for Valentine's Day. :)


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