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Monday, January 22

WV, OH, TN, KY (No, not the jelly! Sheesh!) received snow and freezing rain. I've been watching the Weather Channel and know several cyber pals who have been dealing with that nastiness. All the warm temps and rain we had is now following in the Midwest's footsteps.


School was cancelled today.

My boys are outside right now building snowmen...snowomen...uh...snow-he/shes...? Hell, I don't know what to call them. I bundled myself, walked outside--slipping and sliding across the entire yard, while the chickens watched and clucked in hilarity, the little peckerheads!--and finally reached the main snowman to admire their work.


Know what I found? A king-size pecker sticking straight out from about waist high on the snowman. All with a nice set of gonads too!

Oh, and let's not forget the set of hooters: size double D's.

"What do you think mom?"

"I think you made a snowman with a pecker--and boobs." I looked at the boys, trying very hard not to laugh. I mean, they know I write erotic material, but I don't even allow the oldest, who's 18, to read any of it! No way, no how. I wasn't sure if they were building the snowman/woman/snow-its (I said ITs, not tits! Get your brain out of the gutter, I'm struggling to keep it together here, lol...) to rattle my cage or if they're just being their usual highly ornery selves.

My husband's young cousin is here too today. (His mother dropped him off on her way to work. Lord help me if she notices the mammoth size snowthing in the front yard with the giant pecker when she picks him up tonight!) He grinned and said, "Yeah, but isn't it cool?"

Uh...yeah, especially since they mixed up blue food coloring and put it in a spray bottle and uh...gave the snowthing a few accents, including blue nipples.

"It looks like Mr. Snowman Thing has been out in the elements a bit long," I said.

"Yeah!" My oldest boy crowed. "That's the point!"

"Why does it have boobs too?" I asked.

They all looked at one another and shrugged. "Seemed like the cool thing to do at the time," the next to the oldest replied.

Sheesh. Looks like the chickens have another perch to roost on--at least until the temperature rises.


Thank God we live back a long, long drive away from the main road.

(If you missed the excerpt, see below.)


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