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Thursday, February 22

UPDATE: Thought I'd post the links to a couple of the autographed bookmarks I'm giving away as prizes on March 3. They're 10 1/2 by 3 inches, glossy and very nice. Link ONE and link TWO.
Hey everyone!

On Saturday, March 3, I'll be at Romance_Erotica_Connection for my first Cocktail Chat from 12 noon until 6 PM. I'm gong to be giving away some cute prizes and some free e-books. The REC Group is a lot of fun and the members there are super nice and chatty.

Stop by and talk with me and the others there. I think you'll really enjoy yourself.

I'll post a reminder here and send out a promo later. Yes, you must be a member to participate, but it's easy to unsubscribe to such groups after you're done chatting. (I have to do the same to manage all the chat groups too.)



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