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Monday, June 18

I wanted to share my good news. Two weeks ago, I signed with TriadaUS Literary Agency. (Huge contented sigh) Now I can quit peddling my work and just concentrate on writing! Whahoo!!!

Next, the print release of Conspiracy of Angels has been moved to July 10th. I announced the winner of C of A goodies gift back contest on my website and in my newsletter. Anyway, there were some problems with the printing, so the date was moved back. You can purchase my novel on the Freya's Bower.com website, then as the book enters the publisher's system, C of A will be available at Amazon.com, Borders, Ingrams, etc.

Lastly, I've been concentrating a lot on my myspace and my newsletter. With all the work I have ahead of me in the coming months,I do try to go around various sites and visit when I can, but those two places are the best way to keep in touch with me. Please sign up for my newsletter for all the latest publishing news, excerpts, tips, humor and contests. (Be sure to set your membership for "individual emails".)


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