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Tuesday, July 3

Ya know, the busier one becomes, the harder it is to keep up with things that one enjoys. I've always liked writing and posting my zany chicken stories here, relaying the latest goofy, dumbass events of my boys, and various other things.

Right now, I'm dealing with gardens and the vegetables that are beginning to ripen and I'm writing, writing writing.

Since signing with my new agent, it seems like the work load has jumped again too. It also seems like I need to find new places to haunt and particpate. It's amazing just out catty some of the groups and forums are. It's sad because I've found a handful of gem-like friends through such circles.

If you don't see me on the groups much anymore, it's a combo of some nastiness I've enountered in cyberspace and the fact that I just don't have the time to post and participate as much. Managing a farm and a big family is a full time job, but so is writing. A delicate balance is needed.

My novel Conspiracy of Angels will be available in print very soon. If you pre-order a copy, I'll number and sign it for you.


And if you want to keep track of what I'm doing and what's to come in my writing, check out the post below.


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