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Sunday, April 20

Winners, new covers, new stuff, new news...!

And the winners are...

Thanks to all who entered my postcard contest for my youngest daughter. Winners from first prize to third are as follows:

1st Place: Joy a.k.a. JWIsley. You will receive a print copy of Conspiracy of Angels in the mail! Congrats, Joy!

2nd Place: Saroya Poirier. You will receive an e-copy of Conspiracy of Angels. Congratulations, Saroya!

And 3rd Place goes to: Steve Martin! Steve, you fell in love with Honeysuckle and Wild Roses, the pre-quel to the Daughters of Trinity Series, so as soon as Thorn of Ebon is completed and debuts, you will receive a complimentary copy.

I wish that my darn printer was fully compatible with my new pc, but it's not. Windows Vista won't allow me to scan anything into my pc, so I can't post the winning cards and postcards.

First prize is a tiny greeting card of an adorable kitten. It's a painting, and the kitten is in a basket of roses.

The second postcard is photo of a beautiful Harbor Seal Pup from the Pacific Northwest.

Thir choice is a collage of photos from Solvang California that has windmills, cobbled streets, and horse-drawn carriages.

New Cover

Since Lavender Isis Press closed its doors and turned into a writers' resource site, I received the rights back for The Red Storm. Freya's Bower contracted it, so now I have a cool cover. The novel should debute again about mid May.

Also, I have the updated cover for Thorn of Ebon, the first book in the Daughters of Trinity series. The prequel, Honeysuckle and Wild Roses, sets the base for this trilogy. Thorn of Ebon, I'm hoping, will be available sometime in May.

Next, my new IR sci-fi romance, MR. DELICIOUS, has been contracted by Red Rose Publishing. It should debut June/July.

And lastly, the April edition of my author newsletter is now live. I've made an announcement regarding the newsletter, posted excerpts, and other new news, so I hope you sign up! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zhnewsletter


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