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Tuesday, May 13

Available today, May 13, 2008!

Revised and Updated!

Inspired by her deceased grandmother Arianna, Jordanne Saunders achieves the position of admiral of The Red Storm. Her maiden voyage is to transport top government officials for a meeting of countries, but due to her family name and her meteoric rise to admiral, crewmembers would just love to see Jordanne fall flat on her face.

When she's given her grandmother's journal, Jordanne learns that Arianna's demise was not an accident, and expert Delph hunter, Wesley Cofferdrake, aids her in piecing the enigma together. As the voyage progresses, disease and hysteria plague the ship, but through a strange twist of events that nearly costs Wesley his life, Jordanne discovers that Arianna's murderer has been right under their noses the entire time!

Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Novel
Price: $5.75
Genre: Science Fiction

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