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Monday, December 4

It’s been a nut house here on the Hope homestead. Maybe I should say it’s been a house full of certified nuts, and I don’t mean the walnut, pecan, or cashew varieties either.

Gee, where would we be without gun season? Men running around shooting at deer in the quest for the big rack (No, I don’t mean the two-legged big boobed kind! Sheesh...), stomping through my house with their muddy boots and doe-pee-soaked clothes. (They say it camouflages their scent. I say it just pisses off a buck when he finds out he’s been duped.) My older boys have been begging to take a day off from school to go hunting, but since the first day of deer season is incorporated into the end of their Thanksgiving vacation, the first day is adequate in my opinion.

Yeah, what do moms know? It’s deer season! Come on, Mom! Get with the program!

Uh...don’t forget that Mom knows full well how to load, aim and shoot a 12-gauge and any other weapon in this house.

See ya, Mom! I’ll be sure to have all my homework done tonight.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

With all the weapons within easy access of late, the chickens have been lying low. I thought about sneaking out to the coup and putting some miniature reindeer antlers on them, but figured the over zealous northerners who come down this way to hunt might not only commit poultry genocide, but shoot up my house and barn in the process. I did stand in the Walmart aisle a long time thinking about it, though.

Well, folks, December 19th is creeping up. I really want the release of Conspiracy of Angels to do well and would love to have several chatters on my loop chat that day. I typed out a blurb today, but had to scrap the ending. Folks would probably frown on some of my sense of humor, rofl. Uh...never mind...

Here's the official blurb:

You’ll love to hate her, want to hug her, yell at her, and then root for her.
Raised by a Bible-beating grandmother and a starstruck mother, naturally, Elizabeth has issues.

Forced to leave town seven years ago by the local minister, Elizabeth has
returned. With the help of some meddling angels and her overbearing
grandmother, she finally finds her way back to her one true love. Sometimes, a bit of heavenly conspiracy is required to set things right.

Based on true-life accounts, Conspiracy of Angels is a controversial tale of deception within Christianity where sex is a sin unless there’s a gold band on the ring finger and people gossip while sequestering the skeletons in their own closets.

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