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Monday, February 26

I'm a little slow about getting around to posting this and I do apologize. I had a challenge on my Z Group and asked the following question:

Can you guess who wrote these novels? Hint: they're older romance novels and one of the titles is on my blog too.

Winner gets a chicken graphic. I'll announce the winner on my blog where you can also pick up the graphic.

The Flame and the Flower
The Wolf and the Dove
Ashes in the Wind
A Rose in Winter

Marci G. Baun answered correctly first: The author is Kathleen Woodiwiss. But Mahaira's answer came in about 30 seconds later, so I'm announcing her as a winner too (plus she even emailed a link for the author's work).

Congrats on winning, ladies. Here's the graphic. I thought it was hilarious.


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